Photo: Lennart Johansson

Social sustainability

A major focus for sustainability work in Stockholm is social sustainability.

City purchasing and procurement

The City of Stockholm buys goods and services every year for large sums of money. This means we can have an impact and make sustainability requirements. The City may only do business with serious suppliers that pay taxes and social-security, and live up to general rules and regulations. In every procurement procedure, the City demands that companies submitting bids shall agree to the following terms:

  • actively work to implement current anti-discrimination laws, and safeguard the principles that all people are equal and should have equal rights
  • increase accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • ensure a working environment for their employees according to Swedish laws and regulations. These regulations shall give possibilities for sanctions according to contract law.

The City shall also aspire to procurements that contribute to a positive development for society and an inclusive job market, while at the same time ensuring that companies can recruit personnel with necessary competence. The City shall require that suppliers use traineeships and other recruitment tools in order to decrease unemployment in groups outside the labor market, in cases where it is appropriate in regard to the scope and nature of the procurement.

The City as donor

The sectors of Nonprofit organizations and Culture can apply for funding according to certain criteria. To receive culture funding the applying organization must show that it follows the high standards held by the City on democracy, human rights, equal rights between women and men, and work against violence-promoting extremism. The applying organization shall also especially consider its responsibility for the work-environment from the aspects of threats, assaults, and sexual harassments.

This takes place in core operations such as the social services, schools, and elderly care. Certain groups, such as children, persons with disabilities, and national minorities, for instance, have special rights considered in the City´s operations.

The City has a special HBTQ - program. It´s main goal is that everyone shall be treated equally, have their rights met and not be discriminated against. Many City administrations and operations have undergone trainings in these fields.

Three ombudsmen

The City of Stockholm has three ombudsmen:

  • ombudsman for children
  • ombudsman for people with disabilities
  • ombudsman for the elderly

The ombudsmen shall collect and spread knowledge in their respective areas, contribute so that the City fulfills its responsibilities according to international conventions, and support the City´s operative organizations in their work to create better conditions for children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

National minorities

Many people living in Stockholm belong to the national minorities of Sweden: Romany, Jews, Saami, Tornedalians, and Sweden Finns. These groups have special rights and the City is the responsible administrator for the finnish, meänkieli and sami languages.

Did you know that…

… the City of Stockholm is a Fair Trade Certified city? Fairtrade is an independent certification with a clear target to prevent poverty and strengthen peoples influence and ability to take action.

… every year the City invites around 4 000 new citizens to a welcoming ceremony in the City Hall.

… several of the City awards promote human rights:

  • The Katarina Taikon award honors defenders of human rights that through their work strengthen and protect the human rights in the city of Stockholm.
  • The Nelson Mandela award honors good initiatives in the work for a more open city.
  • The S:t Julian award honors work done to include persons with disabilities in society.
  • The Stockholm Impact Award, one of the world´s greatest film awards, honors quality film that reflects contemporary life without shying away from burning issues.
  • Trygghetspriset (the safety award) encourages good initiatives that increase safety for Stockholmers.