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Sustainable recycling

Almost everything that you no longer need can be of use in other ways. Recycle your empty packages, and give away your old clothes and things, to give them new life. This way you reduce the negative climate effect from your consumption.

The most important action you can take to avoid unnecessary waste is to not buy unnecessary things. Before you throw something out, reflect on how it best can be taken care of.

  1. Can someone use what you no longer want? Products can often be repaired or change owners instead of being thrown away.
  2. Can the material be recycled to create something new? This saves both energy and materials.
  3. Last option is to throw the things in the bag for residual waste. This will be burnt, and used in creating heat and electricity in the district heating plant.

The more things we can use again – in their original form or by recreating something new out of the materials - the better it is for the environment.

Reuse more

Figure out if someone else can have a need for the things you no longer want. It is easier than you think to reuse things more.

  • Test to submit the things you want to sell or give away on a buy-and-sell-website.
  • Check if anyone in your circle of friends would like the things you no longer need or want.
  • Put up a leaflet in your apartment building, or on your block.
  • Look for the nearest second-hand store and leave your things there.
  • Take the opportunity to give your things to Pop-up Återbruk (Pop-up reuse) that tour in the city of Stockholm April – October. They accept things that can be reused and things that are broken/nonfunctioning.
  • Bring your things to the nearest recycling center. In all recycling centers there are sections for reusable goods where you can leave things to be used again. The staff will help you decide on what can be reused.

This is how you sort out your waste

FTI  has a guide for recycling.

Återvinningscentral (Recycling center)

Recycling centers are places where you can leave your larger waste such as broken furniture, leftovers from smaller renovations, and different kinds of fabric. Toxic waste such as chemicals and appliances with electric chords or batteries can also be left at the recycling centers.

Miljöstation (Toxic waste recycling facility)

At the toxic waste recycling facility you can leave toxic waste such as chemicals or left over paints. The recycling facilities can be found all over the city. Most of them are in connection to gas stations, and some by a street.

Mobila miljöstationen (The mobile toxic waste recycling facility)

The mobile toxic waste recycling facility is a truck that collects toxic waste and small electronic appliances. It drives around the city on a scheduled tour and stops at many locations.

Recycling in the city

For a few years the City of Stockholm has been offering recycling in public areas. Some of the recycling bins are available only in the summer season. Here you can sort the residues from your quick lunch, coffee break, or picnic.


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