Photo: Niklas Darnell

Travel outside of Stockholm

Think closely when you are going on a trip. Your effect on the climate varies a lot depending on how you choose to travel.

Smart travel by train

Stockholm has rail connections with many parts of Sweden and one can easily access one of the Stockholm train stations. It is energy efficient to travel by long distance train since many people travel together. The trains are run by electric engines that use energy more effectively than gasoline- and diesel engines.

Bus before car

Many trips from Stockholm can be taken by bus. When many people travel together the energy consumption per person is much smaller than it would be by travelling by car. To figure out the emissions per kilometer by bus one needs to know how many passengers ride the bus, and what type of fuel is used. Ask for a climate smart bus trip when buying your ticket.

Choose the right ferry

Depending on where you are going, ferry can be an option. But as with any other means of travel, the choice can be more or less sustainable depending on several factors. For example, a so called snabbfärja (fast ferry) is three times more energy consuming than a slower ferry.

Is flying necessary?

Aviation represent a large part of Stockholmers climate footprint. If you choose to fly, there are some things you can do to decrease your climate impact.

  • Stay longer at your destination when flying.
  • Avoid frequent weekend trips by plane.
  • Choose an aviation company who uses biofuel and who employs carbon offsets. 
  • Choose an environmentally friendly way to get to the airport. With Arlanda Express you can go by train to Arlanda, and Flygbussen (the Airport coaches) run on fossil free fuel.

How aviation affects the climate

The climate impact reported from aviation normally only includes CO2 emissions from fuel use. Almost only fossil aviation fuel is used at present.

At high altitudes the emissions of nitrogen monoxide, contrails (condensation trails), and aviation induced cloudiness (AIC), has significant climate impact. This impact will remain after a transition to a bio-based jet fuel.

What the experts says