Photo: Anna Åberg

Packaging and newspapers

Your packages can become new products when you recycle them. This saves both material and energy.

When you recycle, your packaging can be made into new products. This way both material and energy is being saved.

Packaging and newspapers are covered by a so called producentansvar (the law Ordinance of producer´s responsibilities for packaging). It means that all companies that produce, fill, sell, or import packaged goods are responsible for maintaining a common system for the collection and recycling of packaging, where you can leave your packaging to be recycled. There is also a law requiring that you sort out your used packaging and newspapers, and drop them off at designated recycling sites.

The producers cooperate under the name Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen, FTI, and are responsible for the recycling stations around the streets of Stockholm (and in the rest of Sweden). They are also responsible for collecting the packaging and newspapers, and the cleaning of the sites.

You are responsible for sorting your packaging in the right fraction. The FTI explains on their website where to recycle the different packaging.

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