Photo: Anna Åberg

Reducing Food waste

We need to become better at taking advantage of the food we already have. This applies to restaurants, shops, commercial kitchens and you as a home chef. Every thing you throw away has affected the environment and climate completely unnecessarily, and therefore it is important that you do everything you can to need to throw away as little food as possible.

  • Store the food properly, it will last longer.
  • Lower the temperature in the refrigerator to +5 degrees. A one degree drop in temperature prolongs the shelf life of many foods.
  • Plan in advance what you are going to eat and make shopping lists. Do not buy more of an item than you actually intend to use.
  • Take care of the leftovers by freezing them or bring them to work as a lunch box. Schedule days of the week as you and your family serve a buffet of the week's leftovers for dinner.
  • Sort out the food waste that still remains, if you have the opportunity. Then it becomes biogas that can replace fossil fuels for, for example, buses and garbage trucks.