Not only is it important to make conscious choices when you travel, but also when you buy things that have been transported.

Buy your food in an eco-smart way

  • Groceries are a major part of the products that we buy. In Stockholm there are many ways to get your food delivered without having to transport it with your own car.
  • Shop in a store near you.
  • Get good quality bicycle bags or a shopping cart to transport heavy bags of food.
  • Consider using a cargo bike or a bicycle trailer. Perhaps there is a cargo bike-pool in your neighbourhood, or a bicycle trailer to borrow?
  • Reflect on buying your food with home delivery. In Stockholm there is a large array of food stores where you can shop online and get the food delivered to your door.
  • Consider if a “free flowing car share” can be an alternative for you. This way you can go to the store without a car, do the shopping, and then pay only for the car ride home.

Choose ecofriendly home delivery

Ordering home delivery can be a way to buy large products without having to own your own car for transportation. Larger companies usually offer several ways of delivery.

Many delivery services in Stockholm offer ecofriendly transportation, such as food delivery by bike, or green vehicles for bulky cargo.

There are also private services where you can get help with transporting your goods in an ecofriendly fashion.

Smart transportation to the recycling station

When you want to transport something that you no longer need, to be recycled or reused, there are different alternatives if you don´t have a car.

  • Borrow a cargo bike at Roslagstulls återbruk (Roslagstulls re-use station) by Vanadisberget if you live nearby.
  • Take the opportunity to drop your things with Pop-up återbruk (Pop-up reuse) that tours around the city. There you can also borrow a cargo bike.
  • Order Returtjänst (return service) for bulky waste at Stockholm Vatten och Avfall. With this service you can get your things picked up by your door.